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Advisory Council Member

Becky Beacom recently retired after 40 years as Health Educator and Manager with Palo Alto Medical Foundation.

Becky began her professional Health Education career as a prenatal and parent educator for Palo Alto Medical Foundation and Children’s Health Council.  25 years ago, Becky became manager of Health Education and Community Outreach at Sutter Health/PAMF. 

Since then, a majority of her work has been dedicated to serving the emerging health issues within the Palo Alto and the greater communities - developing collaborative partnerships with schools, parent leaders, cities and local agencies, and leading or actively participating in numerous local adolescent health initiatives. In the past 11 years, her work has focused on emphasizing mental health and suicide prevention efforts in Palo Alto (helping found Project Safety Net and the HEARD Alliance, etc.) and engaging local high school students in classroom discussions of norms, perceptions and health decision-making.  

Becky recently “retired” from Palo Alto Medical Foundation but still remains active on a number of local projects with Sequoia schools, boards and local teen health efforts.

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